Awkward talk show

Release Time: 2017 - 01 - 04
浏览次数: 753

Project name

The cartoon talk show “Gossip of CCJoy” in Jiangsu Changzhou Universal Animation Amusement Valley 

Cooperative Partner

CCJoyGroup Co., Ltd.

Project Introduction

“Gossip of CCJoy” is an indoor cartoon talk show theatre and the super star of CCJoy Valley --- Time for the Embarrassing Dog. It is talkative, witty and has a passion for spoofing. If you are equally glib and eloquent, talk with it now to PK your gossip.

The cartoon talk show theater adopts video interaction, combined with 3D imaging, smoke, lightning, bubble and other environmental effects, to bring the virtual cartoon image to tourists through multi-functional stage, lighting effects and diversified live interactive games to create a talk show theater integrating joke talk show and entertainment experience.