Sky Dome Theatre
  • Sky Dome Theatre

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    发布时间: 2017 - 01 - 11

    Project Form:

    The project adopts the form of 360-degree ball screen theatre with giant projection screen to encircle tourists in the central platform, where the tourists will enter an overlay hemispherical screen of over 180-degree.

    The seats will vibrate with the three-degree-of-freedom platform following the content of film to simulate flying in the sky and shake of ground and mountain. The grand movie pictures can achieve broad and realistic effects for tourists to enjoy a splendid and realistic experience coordinated with omnidirectional stereo and interpretation of the theme plot.




    Project Features:

    The project adopts unique giant screen to encircle and immerse tourists to enjoy the incomparable audio-visual feast and experience the fantasy world brought by new technology under the 360-degree encircled visual effect.




    Project Highlights:

    1. Combination of virtuality and reality in the immersive scene 2. Encircled by giantscreen with intense experience 3. Real-time replaceable sky dome screen film combing stars of four seasons.


    Project parameters: