Game Ride
  • Game Ride

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    发布时间: 2017 - 01 - 11

    Project Form:

    Tourists take a 360-degree rotary track carrier to tour in the delicate theme-decorated scenes, and hold vehicle-mounted weapons to shoot various elements in the screen matched with rich living special effects of simulated gunfire, car vibration, rotation, water spraying, etc. to get an unparalleled shooting game experience. The game scene is decorated with various cartoon dolls of diversified models, who jump down from the heads or run up and down among the rocks, being mysterious and hard to prevent. At the end of the game, scores will be ranked to give tourists a sense of achievement in defeating evil and enjoyment of shooting.


    Project Features::

    1. Cartoon sceneries full of childlike.

    2. Dynamic dolls of interesting interaction to produce mystery and surprise. Leading roles will flash red and call wow when shot, and the shot gifts will make a cheerful sound of "Hit Target". All the dolls are reusable and low-cost sceneries.

    3. Real-time photographing and obtaining gifts with bonus points. Tourists can be photographed in the game and obtain gifts with bonus points after the game.

    4. Updated ranking list and photo display of champions. The shooting points will be accumulated to display Top 10 daily ranking list as well as weekly, monthly and quarterly ranking lists with photos.

    5. Automatic rotary car displaying real-time digital bonus points.


    Game Ride

    Project window:

    1. Egg system 2, dynamic attack 3, environmental effects device 4, fire trough system 5, virtual and real interaction, full simulation game shooting

    6. Rich theme decoration and strong atmosphere. 7. Diversified shooting contents and strong interest

    Project layout:

    Game Ride


    Project parameters:


    Game Ride