Dark Ride
  • Dark Ride

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    发布时间: 2017 - 01 - 11

    Project Form:

    Dark Ride is one of the most attractive large-scale indoor entertainment projects in nowadays, where tourists take a track touring car to cross and experience in a theme story environment combining virtual and real scenes. It integrates the top international entertainment technologies of 3D movie, dynamic touring car, imitated scene and stunt performance. When tourists shuttle through the theme plot in the touring car, the dynamic track system will change the motion mode at the designed moments to produce such motions as sharp turning, swinging and bumping, and realistically imitate climbing and falling to lead tourists a breathtaking and dangerous journey. The hardware special effects such as firelight of bursting lava and electric spark of fierce collision present splendid special effects under synchronized computer control to immerse and impress the tourists.




    Project Features:

    Tourists take a three-degree-of-freedom dynamic car to cross in the three-dimensional space produced by 3D screen images and real scenes, where the skillful design matched with specific imitating scenes integrating 4D movie, disaster simulation, stunt performance and virtual interaction reappears the scenes vividly in front of tourists.

    Project Highlights

    1. Three-dimensional random track 2. Spherical three-dimensional screen 3. Spectral three-dimensional laser projection 4. Perfect combination of virtuality and reality 黑暗乘骑




    Project parameters:




    Project layout: